What should businesses automate and how should they automate it?

Every process can be automated, no matter how broken. Believe me, there is an automation solution for them.

Process automation is here to stay. It is the backbone of many organisations in a post-COVID world. Businesses have seen firsthand how time and efficiency are saved using automation tools when operating remotely.

Automation provides freedom, eliminating time-consuming tasks so your teams can focus on the tasks that matter.

Well, where do you begin? What are the critical processes to automate?

Every process can be automated, whether you believe it or not. Process automation is limitless.

Prepare yourself before beginning.

Using a process discovery tool, you can identify the best processes to automate and eliminate time-consuming data collection in a matter of minutes.

Using the right tool can reduce the time required to implement automation by 80% and increase ROI by 352%.

Across different applications in different business departments, such as HR, marketing, sales, and more, automation can be applied. Let’s look at some examples in these areas.

Providing excellent customer care.

The first process automation possibility that came to your mind was great customer service. It is important to maintain relationships with your customers. What people think of your brand will likely be their last experience with it. Communication and efficiency are important aspects of customer satisfaction.

Process automation, more precisely, automated workflows, can help simplify communication so that processes can be transferred from person to person, system to system, without interruption or error. By eliminating paper-based assignments and enhancing procedures around the knowledge base, staff can record, research, and resolve issues rapidly. In general, it can contribute to better customer service and experiences.

Automated surveys are another key pillar of customer service.

With this solution, you can get critical customer feedback quickly, and you can respond to it immediately without having to choose paper-based surveys or manually send each one out. This significantly reduces the time that can be spent on other worthwhile tasks.

50% less customer service team workload can be achieved by using robot process automation (RPA). This can address simple issues and questions so that teams can focus on critical matters.

Processes of hiring are can be described as the procedure of selecting and recruiting personnel.

Setting up job descriptions, reading through piles of CVs, and scheduling interviews can take a long time. It is not for the faint of heart. Process automation, on the other hand, can reduce the time required for these tasks from weeks to days.

Automated workflows are critical to simplifying the hiring process. You’ll be able to automate monotonous and repetitive manual tasks such as collecting CVs, follow-up emails, scheduling interviews, and more in the initial phases. Later on, the workflows will enable contracts to be signed electronically, saving on paper resources, and keeping all of the documents in one place, saving time.

Marketing programs.

When every department is involved in creating a new marketing campaign, it can become quite complex. When creatives need approval from creative directors, and creative directors need approval from C-level executives, everything can get quite convoluted. Because campaign delays cause budgets to rise, departmental miscommunications lead to delays.

Using automated workflows, you can simplify the whole creative marketing process, making it easier to get to market. Teams will receive clearer briefings, allocate tasks more effectively, and optimise the review and approval process. This will allow teams to efficiently execute marketing initiatives, implement feedback, collaborate effectively, and meet deadlines without incurring delay.

Manage the sales process.

Keeping up the pace and maintaining an efficient sales cycle is critical to developing client relationships and earning commissions. Driving client communication, generating contracts, and obtaining that signature on the dotted line are all aspects of sales.

Using automation, you can create contract templates in minutes and save time by eliminating the need to gather all the customer data that is required. The automated process is quick and accurate. Using e-signatures, you can make getting that signature on the line super simple.

How about the discount approval process? This, too, may be automated with a simple workflow. Sales reps should be able to generate quotes that adhere to your discounting guidelines without jeopardizing the deal, provided that checks and balances are added.

Procurement processes are being conducted.

It’s not always easy to obtain goods or maintain supply chain relationships. This critical sector can be broken by many processes. Automation is the key to streamlining processes to increase cost efficiency.

Digital workflows and forms can remove dull, manual purchasing requests, allowing you to focus on high-value work. Request fulfillment can be completed in days, rather than weeks, by completing tasks more quickly. It becomes standard and takes the stress out of procurement by delivering orders on time, within budget, and without human error.

Monetary activities

Inputting data, reviewing costs, and tweaking invoices can really sound like a chore when it comes to numbers and finances.

With financial services automation, you can make faster decisions, gather more accurate data, and eliminate repetitive tasks—all more so than ever before. You can focus on your long-term financial goals and eliminate tedious hours collecting spreadsheet data, thanks to automated workflows, form generation, and more.

Process mapping is a great way to identify the area you need to focus your efforts on if you aren’t sure where to start fixing inefficiencies in the financial department. Process mapping can help you identify issues in payroll and expenses reporting, invoicing, and other financial transactions so that you maintain seamless financial transactions throughout your business.

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