What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation is software technology with the help of which we easily built or manage the software robots.

Software robots just try to copy human action. Just like humans, software robots can also understand what is on the screen then it can extract the data, navigate the system. People need breaks when doing consistently work for 8 to 9 hours and their concentration gets reduced. But it is not going to happen in software robots its consistency is going to be faster than people and it does not need breaks.


When a doctor is working with 100% manual effort

1. He receives lab report

2. Then check which values are low or more in the patient’s body according to the report.

3. Then he starts giving him treatment.

If Software robots use, then they can already highlight the low or more values of a patient body as per a report. In this way, 3 mins work can be done in 1 min by using software robots.

How RPA works

RPA is having a virtual workplace as humans have its work as an office. The robot uses keyboard and mouse control to take actions and then it executes automation. All these actions take place virtually. It does not happen on screen. It does not need a physical screen to operate, it can interpret screen display electrically. After implementation of RPA in business dramatic cost savings happen when compared with traditional solutions which used to run without RPA.

What is RPA Business Benefits?

Robotic process automation can help organizations to become more profitable. Humans can work 9-5 pm then we need our time, but Robotics process automation is flexible and can be used anytime anywhere which will save time for the organization. It also increases productivity by removing fewer prior tasks. It saves the time of employees also, so they are also satisfied. RPA has been used by many companies all over the world and it reduces the cost needed for goods and services.

Other benefits of robotics process automation are –

•        increased speed and accuracy

•        consistency

•        improved quality of production

•        extra security especially for sensitive data and financial services.

Why is RPA fastest growing?

  • Rapid and gives a significant return on investment

Leaders of various areas like finance, marketing, human resources, customer service, find Robotics Process Automation very useful. It improves many processes, gives higher capacity, and fewer errors. So, it gives significant ROI.

  • Build with Low code

It requires minimal upfront spending when compared with other enterprise technology. IT executives find that Robotics Process Automation can be easily implemented with small disruption. Employees find it easy to adopt and they can build their automation as the RPA approaches low-code.

Where is RPA used?

Robotic Process Automation is used in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing. It is also implemented in areas like finance, legal, customer service, operations, and IT. In business, there is high volume, repetitive process work it can be done best by RPA.

•        Banking and Finance Process Automation

•        Mortgage and Lending Process

•        Customer Care Automation

•        eCommerce Merchandising Operation

•        Data Extraction Process

Why should I use RPA?

  • Speed and Accuracy

Robotic Process Automation can do copy-paste work, make calculations, open or move files, extract data if required. As it is a software robot it can adapt to any interface so there will be no need to change any business systems or any application.

  • Increase Capacity

When a human is a work, he needs rest after some time because he gets tired mentally and physically. But in the case of RPA, it is not a problem it is having full capacity to work 24/7.

  • Improve Productivity

With the same staff more can be done when using RPA.

RPA Futures

What is RPA, RPA Growth

5000+ companies using RPA all over the world. RPA is growing fast and in the future will be used more as results are very effective.

Companies using RPA

  • Coca-Cola

It uses blue prism RPA to improve its operational performance. It has the highest number of manual HR processes. It identified 150 different processes. HR was running and auditing 8  different sets of data on various reports. It was time-consuming and inefficient. Now coca-cola HR groups running their audit with blue prism digital workforce. Blue prism is a significant time saving and efficient for Coco-Cola, said Karla Younger, Vice President of HR services. 

  • Walgreens

It has 8 million customers. Customers daily shop from its store or online across the United State. It is one of the largest drug store chains in the control. The company took the help of a blue prism, and most labor-intensive work is now done by a blue prism. Blue prism is doing repetitive HR data rejected work and improved Walgreens HR efficiency by 73%

3. Deloitte

Uipath developer created software that can manage the billing process without any hands-on support. Simply you have to issue the billing command and the RPA does the rest of the process. It made fewer billing errors, a quicker billing cycle, and faster revenue collection for Deloitte.

RPA and AI

No, RPA is a big part of Intelligent Automation. When artificial intelligence (AI) technologies relate to RPA software is what makes it intelligent. Intelligent Automation works for many and more complex business process automation scenarios than RPA alone.