Multi-Channel E-commerce Software

Multi-Channel E-commerce Software

When selling products on your website and a platform like Amazon eBay Walmart, a simple task like managing orders becomes highly tricky. With every new channel, it becomes more accessible to miss incoming messages or looks out the orders. Manually check this on each platform then it will reduce the efficiency. So multichannel eCommerce softwares comes in.
Multichannel E-Commerce is an online platform available to merchants to sell products across multiple marketplaces and platforms rather than selling at just one place.

Why do you need Multi-Channel E-commerce Software?

If your team needs to use multiple spreadsheets and perform them manually, it will take a lot of time for the seller. To save seller time, manpower and money, Multi-channel E-Commerce software help to centralize task that you would otherwise have to repeat on every platform you sell on. Multi-channel e-commerce software also improve your workflow so you can provide better service to customers. It keeps your inventory, sales, support and customer communication in proper order. Every successful business knows the importance of providing excellent customer service. Getting excellent customer service should be your main priority.

Differnt Types of Multi-Channel E-commerce Software

  • Customer Service Software

If your selling volume is high, you probably deal with a high volume of customer queries. If you have a central hub, it will help effectively across the channel to manage customer queries. As a help design, especially for e-commerce, eDesk specializes in multi-channel E-Commerce services. It provides a single shared inbox to you and also to your support team. They can track messages and manage all information in one place.

Some of the eDesk most compelling features are –
1. It provides a template and generated responses to enable single-click responses to common customer queries.

2. It provides a live chat function, which can be designed according to your brand.

3. It integrates with every major online marketplace and shopping cart software, so that customer communication is centralized.

  • Product Listings Software

Multi-channel E-Commerce product listing software will help you list your products across multiple sales channels without uploading them again and again. It ensures all the information in your product feeds is up-to-date and accurate. Also, optimize their content and distribution. You can get rid of manual uploads and transfer product data between suppliers, merchants and marketing channels.
Some of the best multi-channel product listing softwares are –

1. Social engines like Google shopping, Google ads

2. Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

3. Social media sites like a Facebook ad, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram. It also allows A/B testing. You can figure out then which listing performs better for your business.

  • Feedback Software

Review you are very essential for online sellers success particularly for Amazon and eBay as they have used traffic on their site. For sale was serious to get positive feedback they must automate this process. eDesk feedback uses selective request to boost your brand and target on positive reviews of eBay, Amazon, Google or your Store wherever you need it. This software gives targeting option to sailor so that review request can only be sent to happy customers. It focus more to reach out to customer who have previously given positive feedback. It helps to contact customer who brought your best rated product.